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    What is your first/nick name? SnakeNorway
    What do you want to be addressed? SnakeNorway
    What is your in-game username? SnakeNorway
    How old are you? 12
    Are you willing to participate in Skype groups? yes i am
    What country and timezone are you located in? Norge,Rogaland,Kopervik
    How much do you play in a typical week? 4-6 in the week
    What could you bring to JezzCraft? I’m active and answer every question i get. I answer questions while staff is on and off. I have a lot of experience with being a staff member.
    How long have you been playing on JezzCraft? i dont know
    What plugin experience do you have (list the plugins and prior use scenarios)? Yes i had my own server and have been staff on around 5 servers.
    Have you any prior warnings, kicks jails, or bans on JezzCraft (we will check)? idk
    Name 2 current staff members (Knight+), their positions and why you chose them. Because he has done most on the server to make it a better place! and Zenfix because he is my friend.
    Who is your favourite staff member (if you don’t say jezztech, you’ll be denied)? Jezztech then.

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    I am rejecting this application because you used the example squire application as your app. You may reapply at a later date but any more plagiarism will not be permitted.

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