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    It is really easy to get money on JezzCraft and most of the players have way too much money.

    That is why we are planning to do a 1 time tax on everyone in the first few baltops.

    A player joined on Aug 21, he last joined on Aug 24 and now, he is the 4th richest person on JezzCraft.
    That player is ‘TheJayZrs16’. The current jobs plugin has been disabled too so he must be using conventional means like /sell hand.

    That is not right, so we are doing a 1 time tax on everyone in /baltop 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    We are thinking the following tax rates:

    1 – 20%
    2 – 15%
    3 – 10%
    4 – 5%

    We are also removing the accounts of some dead accounts, for example zombiejack1234 changed his name to The_Green_Turtle, I refunded his balance but, the old account’s balance is still there. That is a problem and we will be working on fixing that, too.

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    I dont like that because People Wold be mad on you jezztech!

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      DONT DO THAT!!!! I dont want to lose my Money!

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