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    What is your first/nick name? Tobias
    What do you want to be addressed? Monsty
    What is your in-game username? MysticMonsty
    How old are you? 13
    Are you willing to participate in Skype groups? Yes I am
    What country and timezone are you located in? I’m located in Norway, CEST.
    How much do you play in a typical week? I play about 20 hours every week.
    What are your key (ethical?) values? I’m a mature boy that loves to play Minecraft and other games. I love making jokes and I have 2 dogs that I like being with.
    What could you bring to JezzCraft? I’m very active and answer every question I get. I answer questions while staff are both on and off. I have a lot of experience with being a staff member.
    How long have you been playing on JezzCraft? I have playing on JezzCraft for 2 years now.
    Do you have any experience with being staff on any other servers? Yes I had my own server and have been staff on around 5 other servers.
    What plugin experience do you have (list the plugins and prior use scenarios)? Yes I have a vast knowledge of Towny which the server heavily revolves around. I’m also quite familiar with Essentials and can use it to deal with people who break the rules.
    Have you any prior warnings, kicks jails, or bans on JezzCraft (we will check)? No, I don’t have.
    Name 2 current staff members (Knight+), their positions and why you chose them. jezztech because he has done most on the server to make it a better place! And Zenfix because he is my friend and Baron.
    Who is your favourite staff member (if you don’t say jezztech, you’ll be denied)? jezztech.

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