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      What is your first/nick name? A or Aberdeen (nickname)
      What do you want to be addressed? Angy or A or Aberdeen
      What is your in-game username? angy000
      How old are you? 13
      Are you willing to participate in Skype groups? maybe
      What country and timezone are you located in? England/Leicester
      How much do you play in a typical week? usually 3-4 times but if im busy i sometimes cant
      What are your key (ethical?) values? loyal, trustworthy
      What could you bring to JezzCraft? i can help people it they get stuck
      How long have you been playing on JezzCraft? 1/2 a year (not playing time) but ti have played for a long time
      Do you have any experience with being staff on any other servers? not really
      What plugin experience do you have (list the plugins and prior use scenarios)? Rebirth craft i played for hours, i love minecraft survival
      Have you any prior warnings, kicks jails, or bans on JezzCraft (we will check)? No, or i cant remember
      Name 2 current staff members (Knight+), their positions and why you chose them. Jackall2462, he has been really nice to me and helped me alot. Jezztech, he is friendly and helps me all the time.
      Who is your favourite staff member (if you don’t say jezztech, you’ll be denied)?jezztech, he helps me and is kind and jackall2462, we have been playing alot recently and he always helps me, we even fought the enderdragon together (with netty)

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      Congratulations 🙂

      You only had to list one favourite staff member – thanks for going the extra mile in your application.

      Have a nice day, Squire Angy.

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      *claps “enthusiastically”*

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