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    Kalle Navnet Mitt er Benni
    Jeg øsker å bli Mod/Staff
    Jeg Heter BenniVarDet på Spillet
    jeg er år år gammel
    ja jeg er villig
    jeg bor i Norge,rogaland
    5-4 dager (eller 6 dager) hver uke
    jeg kan være en god mod / staff og kan være litt god i plugin! ?
    jeg har blitt /op på 3 servers
    nei jeg har ikke opplevd at jeg får advarsel
    min favoritt medarbeider er jezztech <3 xD
    Håper jeg blir en rank! :-D! <3

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    Jeg ønsker forsatt at du skriver litt mer om hva du kan bringe til jezzcraft.
    Her er en eksempel applikasjon som ville ha blitt godkjent.

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    What is your first/nick name? Benni
    What do you want to be addressed? BennY
    What is your in-game username? BenniVarDet
    How old are you? 14
    Are you willing to participate in Skype groups? Yes
    What country and timezone are you located in? Norway
    How much do you play in a typical week? 2-7 hours
    What are your key (ethical?) values? idk
    What could you bring to JezzCraft? Plugins, nice guys 😀
    How long have you been playing on JezzCraft? a littel long time a long time
    Do you have any experience with being staff on any other servers? Yes
    What plugin experience do you have (list the plugins and prior use scenarios)? Combat log, Hologrpichs they does

    Combatlog: a plugin which prevents you from running commands such as /spawn, /top, and /tpa.
    Noswear: a plugin which prevents you from swearing.

    Have you any prior warnings, kicks jails, or bans on JezzCraft (we will check)? Yes i think so
    Name 2 current staff members (Knight+), their positions and why you chose them. SnakeNorway, KPoTeT
    Who is your favourite staff member (if you don’t say jezztech, you’ll be denied)? JezzTech <3

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    Accepted 😀

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