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    Can I drink coffee with Cialis | Order Cialis Online |
    Please note that in order for Cialis to work faster, you need to follow the rules of correct use: do not eat fatty foods and limit your alcohol consumption. Some users may be concerned about drinking coffee before or after taking Cialis. In fact, caffeine is actually good for those who take Cialis

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    Cialis is a prescription medicine that is beneficial for male patients to treat
    sexual function problems, mostly called as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It
    enhances the sexual stimulation by improving the blood flow to the penis that
    helps the patient to get and keep on an erection for longer.

    Cialis does not protect the patient against sexually transmitted infections such
    as Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HIV. The patient taking this medicine
    should use an effective condom to save himself and his partner from (STDs)
    sexually transmitted diseases. The individuals who are suffering from (ED)
    Erectile Dysfunction or their doctor has prescribed them for this medication
    should follow the medication instructions. Always consult with an expert doctor
    or pharmacist to get more details about the medicine of Cialis.

    How to use the medication of Cialis

    The patient should always consult with a doctor for the safe dosage,
    precautions, and possible side effects before taking Cialis. Take the tablets
    orally by mouth, never snort or chew the tablets of any medicine, including
    Cialis. You can take Cialis with or without food for about thirty minutes before
    engaging in any sexual activity.

    Do not consume more than one tablet of Cialis in a day. Maintain a 24 hours
    gap between the doses of Cialis. The dosage quantity and time of Cialis highly
    depend on the medicinal condition, response to this medication, and the
    products being used. Always discuss with an expert doctor or pharmacist for
    more details about Cialis.

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