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    Oxycontin Oral : Uses | Dosage | Side Effects | Interactions |

    Oxycontin is a potent medicine that helps to relieve chronic ongoing pain. It is an opioid pain killer that blocks the pain signals traveling through the body to the brain. The medication works inside the central nervous system (CNS) by altering a few natural chemicals inside the brain. There are two main formulations of Oxycontin that works differently to relieve the pain. Discuss the outcomes of Oxycontin with your doctor before starting the doses.


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    How does Oxycontin work to relieve pain?

    Oxycontin is an opioid pain killer (narcotic analgesic). It binds to the MAO receptor inside the central nervous system. The onset of action should start within 30 minutes after taking the first dose. When you take a dose of Oxycontin, it will reduce the sensation of pain. It generally blocks the pain messages traveling from your body to the central nervous system.
    Oxycontin works differently for every patient. You may experience different effects of medicine than any other patient. However, the impacts of medication solely depend on the medical condition and severity of pain. Discuss it with your doctor if you are concerned about the effects of Oxycontin.

    Is addiction possible to Oxycontin?

    Addiction is possible to opioid medicines when you take them without limits. Follow the medication guidelines correctly to prevent addiction or dependence. Addiction to Oxycontin is possible when you take it in higher doses or a more extended period than prescribed. We advise you to do not exceed the dosage strength or quantity by yourself. Consult with your doctor if any change in the medication is required.

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